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María Vázquez offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for men, women and children. Beginner classes are appropriate for students with little or no Flamenco dance background.The intermediate student should have knowledge of basic Flamenco footwork technique and/or a strong background in other forms of dance. Advanced students may be invited to join her advanced classes based upon their ability level and performance experience.

Private and Semi-private classes are also available.


Adult Prices:
1 drop-in class ———— $ 22.00
4 classes per month——- $ 64.00
5 classes per month——- $ 76.00
6 classes per month——- $ 84.00
7 classes per month —— $ 93.00
8 classes per month——- $ 98.00
9 classes per month——- $ 108.00
10 classes per month—— $ 119.00
11 classes per month—— $ 123.00
12 classes per month—— $ 129.00
 30 minute private catch up session, prior to class——$25.00
 1 hour private class ——$50.00

Children Prices:

1 drop-in class ———— $ 18.00
4 classes per month——- $ 55.00
5 classes per month——- $ 64.00
6 classes per month——- $ 72.00
7 classes per month —— $ 79.00
8 classes per month——- $ 86.00


Where can I buy Flamenco Shoes?



Calzados de Arte FYL:

Don Flamenco:



What should I wear to class?

Basic Beginners do not need to buy special flamenco dance shoes or skirts until you’ve attended a few classes and know you want to make the investment.

Shoes: Women should wear flamenco shoes, character shoes, or any closed-toe pump with a 1- to 3-inch sturdy heel. No stilettos, sandals, open toed, or sling back shoes. Wear something that can take a lot of stomping. Men should wear flamenco boots, character shoes, or any shoe or boot with a sturdy 1-inch heel. No sneakers please!

Clothes should be comfortable and easy to move around in. T-shirts, tank tops, leotards, sports-tops are great. Men should wear comfortable pants.

Women must wear a flamenco skirt, or any a long flowing skirt with some weight to it.