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Welcome to Flamenco Denver

The Mission of Flamenco Denver is to promote Flamenco dance as a living art form and a vital part of Hispanic heritage through classes, quality dance performances, and arts education programs that catalyze connections among young people and nurture the next generation of Spanish dance artists and educators.

Visiting Flamenco Denver. The Flamenco Denver studio is located at 1934 South Broadway, Denver. For those interested in viewing a class, the studio is open to visitors. Periodically, the studio will host events to foster understanding and celebrate Flamenco such as master classes, small tablao performances, and movie nights.

Keeping in touch. Through social media and the website, Flamenco Denver regularly posts information about upcoming events, advance ticket sales,and fun activities at the Flamenco Denver studio. Take a moment to follow us at: Vazquez Flamenco Denver

Community Programs. Flamenco Denver is known for its creative and authentic performances, community-based initiatives, and arts education programs. Artists from all over U.S. and Spain present   workshops and participate in performances that reflect the organization’s core goals: fostering a cross-cultural form of expression, preserving the tradition of Spanish dance, and guiding this art form’s modern evolution.

Flamenco Denver was honored to have performed for the Denver community at the inauguration of the Hamilton building at the Denver Art Museum, participated in free performances at different events including “Dia de los Ninos” at the Denver Art Museum, summer program at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and at Taste of Colorado, Cinco de Mayo, to name a few.

Letter from the Executive Director

I remember from a very early age my love for dance, and having being born in Seville, Spain, where Flamenco is a way of life, it was  very simple.  If you liked to dance, your mom would sign you up for classes to learn the  Sevillanas, a traditional folk dance.  From this beginning, I developed a passion for Spanish Dance until I got deeply involved in  Flamenco. I could never imagine my life without Flamenco. It is a way of life, it is a culture, it is a living  art form that grows with you.

After 12 years living in Denver and working very hard to expand Flamenco among our  community, I am very happy to anounce that last month Flamenco Denver became a non-profit organization.  This status will help us to spread the understanding, joy and discipline of Flamenco in our community.   In order to do that, it is my goal to bring great artists to Denver from out of town who will not only work with the local artists and dancers to help improve our performances, but will also go into schools and other community organizations.  I feel this is just the beginning of what we can acomplish, always having in mind that the core will be to create quality performances.

Thanks for your support of our organization. I look forward to seeing you at future  performances.

Maria Vazquez


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  1. elaine schmidt November 22, 2014 at 12:46 am #

    The performance in Greeley was so outstanding. I really loved the show. The guitarists were so good too and the guy who played the box( is there a name for that).
    Michele said one of the guitarists is from new mexico. Does he have a studio?
    I go down there once a year and wondered about concerts there.
    Let me know if you ever get in the Greeley area again.
    Elaine schmidt

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